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About Us


W. F. Harris Lighting, Inc., located in Monroe, North Carolina, is a leading manufacturer of rustproof, vandal resistant, and impact resistant luminaires. The Company was established since 1970, when its founder and President, William F. Harris, developed and introduced revolutionary lighting solutions for the salty coastal areas. Today our luminaires are used in a broad range of applications and environments, such as schools, commercial and residential buildings, military installations, government facilities, and prisons, as well as sports and recreational applications.  All while proudly maintaining the “Made in America” label.

Over five decades later, innovative solutions are still the hallmark of our company in its commitment to providing premier products and services.


Our Mission

We're committed to building lasting client relationships through superior service while pursuing business growth with innovative, tech-forward strategies.

Our Values

We prioritize respect, honesty, and integrity in our customer interactions, while our growth is fueled by innovation and creativity. Our business thrives on professional conduct and ethical practices. 

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